Why are there only 15 children at Casa Verde?

For two reasons. First, we want the children to live like a big family and not in an institutional atmosphere. Second, we can't currently afford to open another Casa Verde. We'd love to do that, but right now we're focused on being sure we support the current Casa Verde family.

Does all the money really go to the children?

Every penny goes to the welfare of the children. Donations pay for the maintenance of the house, food and clothing, medical care, school expenses such as books, and the salaries of the full time caregivers in Medellin (Envigado), Colombia. Nobody in the U.S. receives any money. In fact, the directors of Casa Verde Home of Hope, Inc. are major contributors to it.

Does it help if I give stock?

Casa Verde has a brokerage account into which you can transfer stock that we can then use to support the children. You get a tax deduction based on the value of the stock on the day of the gift. If you donate appreciated stock, you avoid paying tax on the gains, and you get a deduction for the full value.

Can I donate things like toys or clothes?

Anything you donate here has to be shipped to Colombia, and that's very expensive. Nevertheless, if you have items of sufficient value to make it worthwhile to pay to send them, we'd welcome the gift. Obviously, if you also donate enough money to pay for the shipping, the children will get a double benefit.

Can I make a pledge and send the money later?

Absolutely. In fact, if you want to make a monthly donation, we can arrange to bill you as a reminder.

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